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godhasaplantokillme asked: Why i can't download anything? :-( It says that the files were deleated.

I am now aware that Mediafire rather lovingly went on a mass cull in my account and now all the links are dead. 

Can I be bothered to re-upload is the real question though… If anyone wants a specific thing re-uploading, send me a message.

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mira-moura asked: hi again. Do you happen to have the Coke Live Festival show in Poland available for download?

I’ll probs, maybe, perhaps upload some stuff on Sunday.

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Anonymous asked: Can you post a download link for Ceremonials and Lungs please thanks

lol no. Go and buy them… Please and thanks.

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Anonymous asked: Hi, I was wondering if you have any recordings of Bedroom Hymns or Seven Devil's?

Seven Devils was played in a Melbourne show I’ll upload tonight and I have a few Bedroom Hymns too.

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Anonymous asked: Thank you so MUUUUUUUCH!!!! Especially for R1BW (my request!). your blog is my #1 source ever!

My pleasure, thank you!

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Anonymous asked: Is it possible to add one of these? : Live from Hammesmith Apollo, Live from Dublin O2 arena, Live from Coke Live Music Festival (I would be really glad for this one cuz it was so amazing show with amazing crowd and the quality was really good) Thank u very much for this and for this beautiful blog ♥

I can upload Hammersmith & Coke Live and I tried to make a kind of Youtube-compiled edition of the Dublin show, but the quality wasn’t great.

Thank you!